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Mission Statement

Working in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, providing opportunities utilizing public and private supports, to live, learn, work, and play in the community

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Children Services

Starlight School (Early Intervention, Pre-School and School Age)

Early Intervention (EI) Program

The Starlight Programs Early Intervention Program is for children birth to age 3 with a developmental delay or diagnosis that places them at risk for developing a delay. The program offers stimulation and therapy in the areas of fine motor, gross motor, speech and language, social, self help, and cognitive skills.

Services & Supports may include:

  • Developmental assessment of speech, movement, play, social, emotional and self-help skills.
  • Speech, Occupational, or Physical Therapy
  • Family Education and Support
  • Center and Home vists to model strategies for parents to promote skills through play and functional activities.
  • Information and recommendations on appropriate toys and baby equipment.

Classes are set up to meet a variety of needs for infants and toddlers. Staff members work with the children individually and in small groups. Expanded hours are offered for working families. Services can be provided in the home, at  Starlight School or in a community setting. All staff members work as a team to meet the needs of children and parents. For example, an art activity may be used to work on a fine motor goal established by the occupational therapist. The occupational therapist may work on a goal identified by the physical therapist. Language skills are developed in all activities.

The Early Intervention Program works in collaboration with other agencies such as Help Me Grow to provide comprehensive services for children and their families.

Pre-School Program

Children enrolled in Starlight's preschool program attend up to 4 full days a week. Transportation, adaptive physical education,speech and language therapy, physical therapy,occupational therapy and nursing services are available to meet the individual needs of the students. The unique feature of the pre-school program is that it is designed to serve typically developing children together with children who have disabilities.

The Starlight pre-school program provides opportunities for challenge, stimulation,understanding, and acceptance among children. Community agencies and the schools of Muskingum County are working together to provide a quality preschool program at Starlight.

The pre-school program is guided by two basic facts:

  • Learning is an active process.
  • Children need nurturing and support to experience their own development timetable without expectations of conformity to a particular program or single group.

Teachers guide children through active exploration and interactions with adults, other children, and materials. Play-based choices enrich the learning process through a wide range of learning experiences.

Guiding Philosophy

Children benefit from an environment that enables them to learn and play together and that values all children as being special.

School Age Program

For children six through twenty-one years, classes are provided for children who meet the eligibility requirements for students with multiple disabilities as stated in the Rules for the Education of Handicapped Children which is provided by the Ohio Department of Education. Student enrollment at Starlight is determined by the Individual Education Plan ( IEP) team, which includes the parents and the local school district. Together, the team determines the least restrictive environment from a continuum of options. Related services, such as physical and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, adaptive physical education, nursing services, and vocational training are available to meet individual needs of students.

For additional information regarding any of these programs, please call Mary Ann Cluse, Director of Educational Services, at the Starlight School 740-455-4176.