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Working in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, providing opportunities utilizing public and private supports, to live, learn, work, and play in the community.


Students Inspired by Local Football Team

On October 23, 2012, a school bus pulled into the Starlight School parking lot that made Starlight school agers cheer! It was the Philo Electric football team, under the direction of Coach Dirk Lincicome. 


They came running through a blue and gold sign made by Mrs. Reinbeau's class. The football players demonstrated long passes on the football field inside our fitness trail. Then Elijah Talk modeled the shoulder pads and helmet as he showed students a 15 yard "snap"--hiking the ball really fast to his teammate. They showed us their plays and how fast they could run. We saw the bolts on the helmet that they earn by playing hard. 


After our lesson, we were able to shake hands and meet them in person. We asked questions about them and how to play together. Starlight students had made treat bags full of snacks and decorated with Philo helmets/footballs to give the players. Starlight students said "thank you!" as they passed out the special treats. Then we all made a huddle and cheered together as we said good-bye to our new football player friends.

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