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Mission Statement

Working in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, providing opportunities utilizing public and private supports, to live, learn, work, and play in the community.


Our Community is Better Together

It is the time of year when Starlight Programs celebrates "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and the theme this year is "Our Community is Better Together." Starlight Programs invites you to help us share the true meaning of this year's theme. We are planning special events in March to raise public awareness of the many abilities people have, regardless of their disability and we need your help!

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors to help them understand that when people with disabilities are welcomed into local neighborhoods, given opportunities to work, attend churches and community activities "Our Community is Better Together". March is the time for us to share all the abilities people with developmental disabilities have and encourage our community to better understand the individuals we serve. During Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we ask you to help us encourage everyone to learn more about the 400 children and adults that attend Starlight Programs in Muskingum County who have developmental disabilities and to recognize that all of us have talents and abilities that we can offer to make this a better place to live. 'Together' we can accomplish more."

On March 13th, we will be hosting a Provider Fair and a panel discussion (see article below & insert for more information). Please plan to attend this fun and information-filled evening and invite anyone who may be interested in learning more about Starlight Programs and other services and products available for people with disabilities. Listen to our radio spots on Y 107.3 WYBZ FM, 1240 WHIZ AM "The Voice", Z92 FM or Highway103.7 FM for our awareness message and check out our billboards on Maysville Pike and Maple Avenue advertising the Starlight Café.

Finally, during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, share with your friends and neighbors about the many services that Starlight Programs provides for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. Thank them for their ongoing support of Starlight Programs for over 50 years. They may learn that everyone has something to offer and that when we are all together our communities are stronger, we accomplish more and everyone wins!

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