Self Advocacy - People First

Picnic To speak up for yourself, it's important to know yourself and how to share your needs, ideas, and feelings with those around you. It's also helpful to know problem-solving steps and understand your rights and responsibilities.

Important Terms
Self-Advocacy is:
Speaking up for yourself.
Asking for what you need.
Negotiating for yourself.
Knowing your rights and responsibilities.
Using the resources that are available to you.
Inclusion is: People with disabilities participating in all aspects of community.
“People with disabilities are welcome and fully included in valued roles wherever they go, whether a school, workplace, volunteer group, home, or any other part of the community.”
-- Institute for Community Inclusion
Self-Determination is:
Freedom to make your own life decisions.
Authority to decide how you spend your money.
Support to reach your goals.
Responsibility to give back to the community.
Confirmation that self-advocates lead the way.
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