Service Coordination

Service Coordination

Service Coordination is provided by Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

These services are intended to support people with developmental disabilities within the community.

Our values include respect, appreciation, honesty, integrity, and compassion for everyone. We are committed to helping people celebrate what is important 'to' them but also what is important 'for' them.

We focus on abilities rather than disabilities with an intent to develop relationships and to find creative means to support desired results for each person.

We assist each person served to move away from a system of supports and be actively engaged and valued as a part of the community.

A 24 hour emergency assistance is available to help resolve situations that need immediate action to help ensure an individual's health and safety. A Service Coordinator can be reached during business hours (8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday) at 740-453-4829 and during evenings, weekends and holidays at 800-881-8790.

Director of Community Services
Chanda Busse: Ext 1233 or
Community Services Supervisors
Chris Daw: Ext 1217 or
Ryan Weaver: Ext 1210 or

Service Coordinators
Logan Bishop: Ext 1228 or
Sheena Brown: Ext 1221 or
Jeff Davis: CExt 1220 or 
Crystal Gearhart: Ext 1214 or
Suzy Goddard: Ext 1216 or
Angie Hubbard: Ext 1204 or
Chelsey Large: Ext 1240 or
Paul Mainini: Ext 1208 or pmainini@muskingumdd,org
Julie Moorman: Ext 1219 or
Jacob Murphy: Ext 1239 or
Joe Neff: Ext 1202 or
Marsha Tilton: Ext 1223 or
Kathy Tom: Ext 1203 or
Michaela Tom: Ext 1230 or

Community Services Fiscal Specialist
Andy Zigo: Ext 1222 or
Juanita Moore: Ext 1235 or

Employment Navigation
Kelly Jackson: Ext 1405 or
Sheila Hina: Ext 1471 or
Lorie Bracken: Ext 1455 or
Specialized Services
Carlos Ballinger: Ext 1402 or
Bob Parsons: 1406 or

Customer Guide
Lisa Clark: Ext 1234 or

UI Coordinator
Kathy Shesky: Ext 1218 or

Support Staff
Aimee Hina: Ext 1231 or 
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