Brandon Burke

Bits of mud, flames, and spears filled the air in Asheville, North Carolina as the Spartan Race made its third annual stop in Black Mountain. More than ten thousand runners hit the course, which included obstacles that had to be climbed over, crawled under, and simply endured. Amongst those dedicated runners was Brandon and Brianna Burke. Brianna has traveled to places such as Hawaii, Seattle, Virginia and others competing at a high level in Spartan Races for several years but says this one was by far the most special because of Brandon. Although Brandon did not compete in the Spartan Super Race like his sister which is over 8 miles of extreme terrain he did compete in the Special Spartan Race which is no walk in the park. He and his sister have been training for this event for quite awhile and it has finally paid off. After the race Brianna asked Brandon if he wanted to do it again. After looking at his scratches and all the mud on him he said “no” but a few days later the answer changed to “yes”. They are planning to compete in another race in Philadelphia this fall.
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