Back To School

While we are still in the midst of the dog days of summer, the start of the new school year is rapidly approaching.  Each year about this time we start receiving many calls with questions regarding the beginning of school. As we all start preparing for the return to school there are many things to keep in mind for our students. The following is a list of things to think about as your child begins another new year at school.

  • As you head to the stores for your annual back to school shopping for supplies and clothing please remember to dress your child for school in comfortable clothing that you will not mind if they come home with an occasional stain. Our students learn through doing and are actively engaged in many activities some of which will leave them dirty.  Also think about your child’s footwear. Flip-flops can be cool for summertime, but I urge you to think about activities at school. Sandals and flip-flops can be difficult for a child to run and climb in. They also leave toes exposed to be accidently stepped on or run over by a wheelchair or other piece of equipment.

  • When filling out the annual packet of forms, please do so completely and accurately. All of these forms are necessary in particular the Emergency Care Card (ECC). This form tells us who to call in case of an emergency. It also tells us to whom the child can be released should the parent be unable to pick their child up or meet the bus to get them off.  For your child’s safety we cannot release a child to anyone other than those named on the ECC and we will ask the person for ID before releasing the student to them. Please be sure to list at least three contacts at numbers other than your own.

  • Many of our students have medical needs. In order for us to provide the proper care throughout the day all medical information needs to be accurate and up to date. Tobie, our school nurse has these reminders. If your child will need any medication while at school, please call our program nurse. Permission slips must be completed by the parent and the child's physician, even for topical or over the counter medications, before the medications can be administered. Medications can be transported on the school bus, but must be given to the driver for safe keeping during the ride.

  • Please have your student to school on time. Your annual packet includes instructions on arrival and departure. When students arrive late for school the day does not always run smoothly. Many times behavior problems occur when a student has arrived late. Our teachers usually review with students what the schedule is for the day in order for the students to be aware and move easily from activity to activity throughout the day. This can be a truancy issue for those students that are habitually late day after day.

  • If you are a parent that picks up or drops off a student please be safe. Do not walk between the buses at any time. Further instructions on drop off and pick up can be found in your annual packet.

  • Finally, please remember to look in your child’s book bag every day. Most all of the teachers have notebooks that remain in the book bags. These notebooks serve as a way to communicate with parents. We urge you to also write notes to your child’s teacher in these notebooks.  You will also find other important information placed in your child’s book bag throughout the year.

  • We are looking forward to a fun, successful and safe school year. Through communication and working together we can make you child’s school experience a good one.
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