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Summer Program
Summer YouthFor the past two years the County Board has provided a Summer Youth Program for children who are in the transitional age and learning to become an adult.  Starlight has stood for, and alongside, people with developmental disabilities and their families for 60 years, creating programs and a welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong and are valued. Over the years, the County Board has created a diverse layering of supports, designed to help people with disabilities achieve their personal best throughout their lives. The person-centered program approach is grounded in individual choice, autonomy and community participation that empower individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities to discover what is important to them in their lives and to develop the skills needed to achieve their goals.  This program, like many others provides a nurturing environment for these youth and they are having fun while learning and gaining skills that they will take with them for their future.