Funding Sources

Funding Sources & Waiting List

State Plan Services

Home Health Services are Medicaid State Plan services that are provided on a part-time and
intermittent basis to Medicaid consumers of any age. Home health service include home
health nursing, home health aide, and skilled therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology). The only provider of home health services is Medicare Certified Home Health Agency (MCRHHA).

The medical necessity for home health services must be certified by the consumer’s qualifying treating physician. A face-to-face encounter with the consumer and the physician, advanced practice nurse in collaboration with the physician , or a physician assistant under thesupervision of the physician is a required for certification of medical necessity. A face-to-face encounter must be conducted within the 90 days prior to the home health care start-of-care date, or within 30 days following the start-of-care date, inclusive of the start-of-care date.

Waivers are a Medicaid funded service for children and adults with Developmental
Disabilities (DD) who meet the requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of
Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

Waivers are an alternative to providing long-term care in institutional settings. Medicaid eligibility is determined by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Family income eligibility for Medicaid is waived for children enrolling on a waiver.

Individual Options Waiver (IO)
An IO waiver is a Medicaid funded service for adults and children who are requesting
services in the individual’s family home or in their own apartment or house. This waiver is
limited related to participant directing.

Level One Waiver
A Level 1 waiver is a Medicaid funded service for adults and children who are requesting
services in the individual’s family home or in their own apartment or house. Individuals
considering a Level 1 waiver need to have a lot of natural “non-paid” support as there is a
cost cap for Level 1 services outside of Adult Day Programming.

Self Empowered Life Funding (SELF) Waiver

The SELF Waiver is a Medicaid funded service that is participant-directed. Participant
directed means an individual with developmental disabilities or their representative have
authority to make decisions about their waiver services and accept responsibility for taking a
direct role in managing services.

For more information on this and other waivers, you may contact the Muskingum County
Board of DD (MCBDD) at 740-453-4829 or the Ohio Department of Developmental
Disabilities at 866-313-6733 or online at

Local Funds
It is the position of the MCBDD to exercise fiscal responsibility by encouraging and assisting
individuals/families served to access all available resources before using county tax levy dollars for needed services and supports, reserving county tax dollars as the last funding option. With limited funding to serve individuals who are waiting for services, existing resources must be maximized to meet the needs of all individuals and families eligible for County Board funded support.
MCBDD is a Person Centered Thinking organization. Our community connections are vital to
maintain a strong sense collaboration.
Waiting lists for funding streams have been present in Ohio for many years. As a County
Board, we attempt to utilize the tax dollars given to us in the most efficient and effective
Person Centered Stewardship is anchored around being “Practical: a balance of sought between quality of life and the boundaries of public resources, with an understanding that limited fiscal resources must be responsibly administered to support but not replace relationships with family and friends. To accomplish this, everyone works to promote natural connections in neighborhoods and communities, and address only those areas where the person supported wants involvement from the system. The system provides support as defined by individuals, rather than caretaking as defined by others.”
MCBDD embraces the concept ‘how may we help you today’. This gives us a focus on only
going where a person and their community is asking us to go; looking for local support from
those who know them best; exhausting all insurance funding sources such as Medicare and
Medicaid services available to anyone who is accessing supports from their community before looking to local tax dollars for support. Once tax dollars are involved, payment would only be realized for results for each person; results that help each person move away from a system and back into their life. We want to be sure people understand the expectation to minimize the amount of time a person spends in the system so that they have more time spent with the people that really matter to them.
In short, we are looking forward to a time when Waiting Lists may not exist. If they do exist,
the Waiting List would be specific to the individual’s abilities and strengths and how those
might be supported for today.  
Alternative Services

Allwell Behavioral Health Services
Area Agency on Aging
Cambridge Developmental Resource Center
Muskingum County Community Action Agency
Muskingum County Department of Jobs & Family Services
Child Care, Home and Community-Based Waivers, Food stamps, Ohio’s Disability Financial
Assistance Program.
Muskingum County Senior Center

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Ohio State Plan Services
1-800-324-8680 (Medicaid)
Nursing services, home health aide, skilled therapies (OT, ST, PT) - to receive these services you must have a Medicaid card or Managed Care Plan Card (available through your county dept of Job & Family Services), a doctor’s order for the needed service/s, and a Medicare-certified home health agency that has a Medicaid provider contract and is willing to provide care.
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Social Security Office

Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority
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