Message from the Superintendent

Thank You DSP's!

The Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) continues to work diligently with all of our provider partners and the Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) to make sure that the more than 500 people with developmental disabilities in Muskingum County are healthy and safe throughout this pandemic.  

Children and adults with disabilities are living in their local communities, and many of them receive assistance in the form of a Direct Support Professional who either provides intermittent care for them, or in many cases provides care for them 24-hours per day.  I want to turn the spotlight to them as they are the hero’s for the individuals and families we serve.  Direct Support Professionals do not have the option to stay home or work remotely during this crisis.  They are very essential and they are on the front-line for the health and welfare for this population in which many individuals have serious medical conditions and are considered medically fragile.  They are working hard to keep some of our most vulnerable neighbors, family members and friends safe.

These people we support with disabilities that we love so much are experiencing the same emotions that we all are such as uncertainty, agitation and anxiety about what their future looks like.  Every day, Direct Support Professionals are going into their homes to provide the needed support and care to them.  They are preparing food, assisting with hygiene tasks, shopping for groceries, giving medications and overall making sure these people with disabilities are healthy, safe and continuing to live a good life through this pandemic.  Direct Support Professionals are working long shifts away from their own families, making sure that the people that we serve have what they need. They are going into homes and doing what they have always done — helping people live their best lives.

As the Governor began limiting contact and closing programs in Ohio that many people with disabilities were attending, this put an unexpected strain on our providers working in people’s homes.  Their routines have been disrupted as they have to remain at home during the day instead of going to their day program or their place of employment and many require additional support. The County Board has been creatively working with all Muskingum County providers to ensure that they are meeting the needs of everyone and obtaining resources to keep people healthy and happy.  

I would like to give a heartfelt “Thank You” to every Direct Support Professional in the field. Your passion, devotion, and selflessness is inspiring.  Even those words do not express our appreciation for you.  We cannot thank you enough.  The Muskingum County Board of DD remains committed to assisting you.  

If you are a provider and need support, please call Jordon Searls at 740-453-4829.

Please follow the Muskingum County Board of DD on Facebook and visit our website at for regular updates.

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any questions.


Kellie Brown, Superintendent

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