Person Centered Organization & Positive Culture

Person Centered Thinking & Positive Culture Mantra

The Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities has created the foundation for developing a Person Centered Organization. This Foundation begins with the implementation of Person Centered Thinking. This leads to Person Centered Practices, which leads to a Person Centered Organization.

Person Centered Thinking is a promise to listen, to act, and to be honest. Honesty is needed when things will take time, when you don't know how, or when what is being asked for is in conflict with what you believe is important for the person doing the asking.

Becoming a Person Centered Organization is extremely important to, and important for organizational sustainability!
  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Reinforces "think before you act"
  • Helps people feel listened too
  • Support an active learning culture
  • Reduces turnover
  • Makes those who use and provide services feel valued/respected
  • Helps support "real" Relationships
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