Residential Support

Capital Housing

Capital Housing
The Capital Housing Program offers affordable housing options for people with disabilities. These houses are purchased with funding from the Ohio Department of DD and are located in a variety of neighborhoods in the community. This program does not cover any help an individual may need to live in their own home. For more information, please contact Pat Fisher at 740-453-4829.
Muskingum County offers several residential options for individuals with developmental disabilities. These options are all  designed to help people with disabilities live in homes of their  choice. These homes must be financially affordable and meet the  health and safety needs of the person.

We work in collaboration with Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority (ZMHA) as well Muskingum Economic Opportunity Action Group (MEOAG) to provide quality housing options at an affordable rate. People can also apply for additional assistance related to housing at both of these organizations.

Residential Options Counseling

Created to help people understand their options around waiver services and intermediate care facilities, the Residential Options Counseling Pamphlet meets the requirement for

  • annual planning for residents of intermediate care facilities in accordance with ORC 5124.69,
  • transition planning for residents of licensed residential facilities found in OAC 5123:2-3-03,
  • information to be used by county boards for pre-admission counseling in accordance with ORC 5124.68,
  • and information to be used by county boards when responding to inquiries about residential services in accordance with ORC 5126.047.

Please see the following to download this pamphlet and access the Intermediate Care Facilities Search.
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