Residential Provider Technology Grant

Residential Provider Technology Grant Applications

Residential Provider Technology Grant Application


Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, MCBDD and others have changed the way they provide services in order to reduce person- to- person contact for vulnerable people. Technology plays a vital role in the success of this. 

COVID-19 has required all of us to do more with technology. We are now conducting more visits and meetings virtually. We are using the Google Meet platform to host meetings. For many people SSAs are using this technology to carry out their listening and learning responsibilities too. Education and training for self-determination is also being conducted in a virtual format. The feedback we are receiving is that many providers are struggling to adapt to these changes due to the lack of technology in homes. 

Muskingum County Board of DD is pleased to offer the opportunity for providers to receive funding for technology in residential service locations. This is a one-time grant for providers to secure funds to purchase tablets for homes where they provide residential services. The funds may also cover the cost of internet service for the device. 

Program Details

Residential providers can apply to receive grant funding from MCBDD by completing the online application at  Providers may request funding for one device per residential site of 2 or more people served by MCBDD. Funding will include a stipend to help offset the cost of the internet service for the device for up to one year in the amount of $40/month per site as total grant allocation of funds permit. 

  • For each site requested, the provider will receive $850 to purchase the device and for the internet service. 

  • Providers will be required to submit verification of purchases.

    • Verification for the device should include a copy of a paper or email receipt. 

    • Verification for internet service should include a bill showing the residential address being served and date of service.

  • Equipment purchased with grant funds become the property and responsibility of the provider; providers are responsible for maintenance and replacement. 

  • Providers will receive a verification email once the application is submitted. 

  • Provider will receive a letter of approval or denial from MCBDD. 

  • Receipts will be submitted to the MCBDD Business Office for processing. 

Providers should send questions to Jordon Searls ([email protected]).

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