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Preschool Program Ages 3 to 5

Children enrolled in Starlight's preschool program attend up to 4 full days a week. Transportation, adaptive physical education, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing services are available to meet the individual needs of the students. The unique feature of the preschool program is that it is designed to serve typically developing children together with children who have disabilities.


The Starlight preschool program provides opportunities for challenge, stimulation, understanding, and acceptance among children. Community agencies and the schools of Muskingum County are working together to provide a quality preschool program at Starlight.

The preschool program is guided by two basic facts:


  • Learning is an active process.

  • Children need nurturing and support to experience their own development timetable without expectations of conformity to a particular program or single group.


Teachers guide children through active exploration and interactions with adults, other children, and materials. Play-based choices enrich the learning process through a wide range of learning experiences.

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