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Friends, Allies and Neighbors (FANS)

What is FANS? 

 F.A.N. is a network of people who have committed to the lives of people with developmental disabilities who live and work in Muskingum County. Network volunteers do this in a variety of ways. We believe that life is better when people help and support each other. We invite you to join us and discover how much volunteering really matters.

How does FANS work?

 It's easy. There is no official commitment, no formal membership and no standard protocol. All you do is say, "I want to be a F.A.N. in Muskingum County." Then you share your contact information with us (usually email but we are happy to contact you in any manner you prefer). We will then send you specific volunteer opportunity invitations and if you are interested in getting more information on that opportunity, just respond to the message. If you are not interested, just hit delete.

What are some ways FANS can help?

•Special Friendships
•Create a memory
•Party with a Purpose
•Game Night
•All Sorts of Sports

For more information on becoming a FAN, please contact: 


Melissa Hartley - Community Network Coordinator  

(740)453-4829 ext.1428


F.A.N. Facebook Page


Fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you! 


F.A.N.S Interest Form

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