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Family Assistance Program

The Family Assistance Program is a locally funded program that provides financial assistance to families with a child or adult who has developmental disabilities and lives at home. Funds are intended to help families care for their eligible family members at home and enhance the quality of life.


What services are can be covered?

  • Respite care - Short-term care provided either in or out of home. Families may recommend a respite provider. A BCI check will be required of all respite providers being paid directly by MCBDD. Families can pay a chosen respite provider and be reimbursed after service is approved. An agreement form must be completed before services are rendered.

  • Counseling, training, and education - This service may be provided to all members of the family to help straighten their ability to cope and enhance care provided to the individual served.

  • Special dietary needs - Food and/or food processing equipment for a special diet prescribed by a physician or a qualified dietitian.

  • Special equipment - Special equipment that will help individuals to better function in their home. Adaptive seating for wheelchairs, bathing chairs, or bathroom rails.

  • Home modifications - Necessary home modification to improve living environment or facilitate care.

Who is eligible?

The Family Assistance Program is available to children and adults in Muskingum County with developmental disabilities who live at home. The family member who is disabled must meet certain state eligibility criteria.

How to apply?

Contact your SSA to apply for assistance and to complete an application. You may also complete an application online by opening the link. below..

Your application will be reviewed and eligibility will be determined. You will be contacted with a confirmation of your allocation and family share percentage. When funding is needed, contact your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) to access your funds. Remember, ALL purchases and/or services MUST be pre-approved.

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