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Employment Navigation

If you are a person with developmental disabilities who is interested in career opportunities, we are excited to help you along your journey. We can coordinate job training or coaching to help you learn the skills needed in order to find meaningful employment.


Along with the coordination, we can assist you in finding solutions for potential barriers such as transportation, accessibility, and accommodations to help you work in the community. We can also help you understand how employment can impact your benefits and how to manage benefit changes.

We work collaboratively with a number of vendors, providers, businesses, and community leaders to help you find a job in your community.

Crystal Gearhart - Employment Navigation Specialist

(740)453-4829 ext. 1214


Lorie Bracken - Employment Navigation Support Specialist

(740)453-4829 ext. 1455


Sheila Hina - Employment Navigation Support Specialist

(740)453-4829 ext. 1471 

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